Featured Film | 73 Questions

October 1, 2014

You know when you click on a Facebook link to a video, and it leads to an entire video world you never knew existed? Well, that happened to me yesterday with the video above. It comes from a line of short films by Vogue, and man are they wonderful. I try not to be a huge celebrity fan, but who can resist a fun tour of Recce Witherspoon’s home, along with her candid answers to 73 random questions.

What Facbeook linked video’s have you been watching this week?


Round Up No. 6

October 1, 2014


While doing research for a new client, I found Lilli Carre’s illustrations. Pretty cool.

The before and after shot’s on Amber Interiors make me want to redo every room in my house. (Probably should leave that up to the professionals, though.)

If stroke runs in your family like it does mine, you might be aware of the signs and symptoms that come along with strokes. If not, this article on what it’s like to have a stroke might make for an interesting read.

Columbia University senior Emma Sulkowicz is bravely sharing her experience with sexual assault with an art piece titled “Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight)”. Applaud her courage by sharing her story.




Featured Film | Matthew Frost

September 30, 2014

ASPIRATIONAL from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

This short film by Matthew Frost made my day last week, so I thought I would share it with you all.


DIY | Post Cards with Artifact Uprising

August 19, 2014








I was super happy to find out I won this Emma Dime giveaway for a pack of Artifact Uprising post cards. I love Artifact Uprising, and have ordered many a photo book for family members and friends. Thank you so much for the post cards Emma, and thanks for designing such gorgeous materials AU!

What products do you love from Artifact Uprising? Want to order 100 Intagram books now? Also, anyone spot the photo I slipped in to my post card book that is from the best movie ever? (Hint – “He’s taken off both of his shoes, and one of his socks. And I think he’s crying.”)

Happy Tuesday!


Stylin’ | TYSA Part I

August 18, 2014







My dear friend Lauren represents some beautiful brands by way of her boutique digital strategy firm, L23. We’d been chatting about collaborating for a while, and decided to photograph a few of her client TYSA‘s top pieces, worn by my fiercest girlfriend Krista, to be featured here on ALA! Krista loves florals, so she created some stunning flower crowns to accessorize the outfits.

I’ll release a more photos of the collaboration every week. I took a lot of pictures! How’s your Monday going? Back at school, yet? Do you want to jump into these pictures? Or maybe start wearing a flower crown to work? (I know I do!)