November 24, 2014







Hey there friends, happy Monday! I’m excited to share this third installment from my conversation and visit with Ryan Tempro of M.C. Pressure. Here are Part I and II. Because Ryan’s work and studio are so beautiful, I took way too many photos. Consequently, I’m adding a fourth part to this Ryan Tempro series to fit in all the photos and the remainder of the interview. Woohoo! I do hope you’ve enjoyed the virtual visit of Ryan’s space, and thanks for visiting A Little Ampersand!



November 22, 2014








As promised, here is part II of my visit with Ryan Tempro. Isn’t his home beautiful? Check back soon for the rest of our conversation, as well as more pictures of Ryan’s studio, work and home.

Happy Saturday!


Occasional Exchange | Ryan Tempro of M.C. Pressure Part I

November 18, 2014


A few months ago I met with St. Augustine local, Ryan Tempro to talk about life, St. Augustine, and his letterpress company, M.C. Pressure. After our chat, Ryan gave me a tour of his lovely home and studio, as well as a run down of all his letterpress tools. Below is part I of a III part series with Ryan that will be released over this week, exclusively on A Little Ampersand. Enjoy!*

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Beauty | Plant Skincare

November 13, 2014


PLANT Skincare is a plant-based and made to order skincare company run by Ekrem and Tamara Mulayim. The pair live in Australia, and agreed to be interviewed about their company, process and products for today’s post. Included in today’s post are photos I styled (with the help of my daughter, Gigi) using PLANT’s Revitalising Black Tea Face & Body Cream.

Shannon : How did PLANT Skincare begin?

Tamara : Even though PLANT Skincare officially started operations in January 2014, it’s a project that’s been steadily growing over the past 5 years. It all started with becoming aware of the ethical and environmental consequences of everyday products. As a healthcare practitioner, I was always into making my own scrubs, masks and toners but when it came to creams moisturizers, I purchased them off the shelf. One day, I realized I needed to educate myself. I needed to understand the process of what makes an effective cream. I was horrified to find out the amount of animal cruelty involved in some products, and the amount of chemicals in the ingredients of the products I was buying.


S : Why did you choose PLANT Skincare for your company name?

T : Plant Skincare is all about respect for the natural ingredients we use in our products. We often tend to forget that skin is an organ through which we breathe and detoxify. Skin had evolved to absorb nutrition and moisture from the environment. What we apply on our skin reaches much deeper into our tissues than we think. So, at PLANT we approach skin care as nutrition.

S : Who does what in your partnership?

T : Working together has been great! Our skills compliment one another. We love what we do and we love day dreaming (and quite often, night-dreaming) about PLANT. At times it’s hard because we have a two-year-old, but this is where the our partnership proves its self most valuable. There is always one of us that can be the parent and the other can work in the lab producing orders.


S : What is your favorite plant PLANT Skin care product?

T : This changes with the needs of my my skin but I do personally have a soft spot for Soothing Chamomile Cream. It just hits the spot for me as a moisturizer and primer. I also use it on my body as it really helps to soothe the my skin after hair removal or sun exposure shaving or waxing . We moisturize and it is a great primer. I also use it on our boy after bathing with this cream as well so most of the time he smells like this creamgently of Bergamot. I think that is why I have extra emotional attachment to this product.
Sunflower & Honey Facial Cleansing Bar is also a stand out for me. We I wash our cleanse my face with this it daily and it removes even the heaviest make up without drying out the skin.

S : As producers of organic What inspires you most?

T : The feedback we get from our customers is hands down the best inspiration. When people tell us that the cream we make finally solved their years-long skin care dilemma, we can’t help but feel we’re doing something worth while.

S : What’s your favorite healthy snack?

T : DATES!!! We cannot get enough of them. We dream of having our own date palms one day!

S : What do you think is your ultimate dream for plant PLANT Skin care?

T : We have big dreams for are excited about the future Plant Skincare. We are working on expanding our range and, looking at collaborating with more local producers who take care to about growing create natural, chemical- free products. WeWe hope to reach as many corners of the globe world as possible. Last month we had our first client from Finland! This was the furthest our products had fared and there’s something quite special about seeing your hard work reach so far and wide. Yet, ultimately what is most important to us is Above all we see us growing together with our customers, keeping a close conversation with them and developing products as a response to their needs.

Thank you so much to Ekrem and Tamara for allowing me to interview you about your wonderful company, and Etsy for supporting businesses like PLANT. To order PLANT products visit PLANT’s etsy site.


Florals | Just For Fun

October 21, 2014





Lots of things in the works over here at A Little Ampersand. In the mean time, here are some photos I snapped of gorgeous florals arranged by my sweet friend, Krista.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!